Why Should I Read the Old Testament?


Why should I read the Old Testament?

For years I coasted along in my relationship with God based solely off reading the New Testament. I’d basically known all of the Old Testament children’s stories well enough to know how sin entered. So, I knew Jesus saved us from that.

It wasn’t until I disciplined myself to read through the Old Testament, that my relationship with God grew drastically. Many of times before, I read Genesis and flipped through Exodus. It was always Leviticus that I would give up. I avoided the hard parts of the Bible. With that being said, I worked out some study methods that helped push me through Leviticus and also with understanding the text. It was then that I realized things I had been saved from. Genesis introduced sin to me, Exodus introduced it to God’s people through the 10 Commandments. But, Leviticus introduced me to the practices that were done in order to be cleansed from sin.

Another reason I love the Old Testament is that it explains a lot in the New Testament. We hear about lepers and unclean things, but the Old Testament clarifies that. We hear of the festivals celebrated in the New Testament, but the Old Testament tells the reason behind the celebrations in detail. In Numbers I learned how grossly my actions are similar to the Israelites in the desert. In Deuteronomy I saw how important it is to constantly remember all that the Lord has done. It only gets better from there. There are many places that scripture points to Christ in the Old Testament as well. I try and mark these so that I can reflect back. I’m still not finished with the Old Testament. I’m going slowly through each book in order to truly try and comprehend. Meditating on what I’ve learned.

When I look at the New Testament and what Jesus has done for us, I truly want to serve Him with my heart, out of love. I see the hardship that He delivered us from. I truly did not get grace until I started reading through the Old Testament.




GENESIS: Chapter A Day Kids Study

genbookrelease-1000adIt’s here!! Genesis Chapter A Day Kids Study workbook! I’m so elated to have this available for kids to dig deeper into the Word of God. This will teach them to highlight scripture in a way that is fun and helps them to retain what they have read. Each day has a page to document what they have learned through the 5 W’s Method and a page for deeper reflection. It is available on Amazon! Buy Here!


There are too many resources out there to not be in the Word or spending time with fellow believers in person or online. I’ve passed through many of them over the past 5 years and will share them with you. Some I know longer use, but they made an impact on who I am today.

Man…where do I start?

Let’s start with…


* IF : Equip is AWESOME. I’ve been doing online bible studies with them since 2013. I’m still doing them. In fact, finishing up Ephesians with them now. Their website is http://www.ifequip.com

Jennie Allen and her team at IF : Equip bring theology and grace.

* Women Living Well as I mentioned in a previous post is a great online bible study as well. Courtney Joseph leads women through books of the bible with the S.O.A.K. method. That website is http://www.womenlivingwell.org

* She Reads Truth is fantastic! I love these girls and the women behind scenes that work hard to bring great studies for women of all ages. Amanda Williams and Raechel Myers are the masterminds behind this wonderful gem. Their website is http://www.shereadstruth.com

* Lysa TerKeurst has tugged a ton of heartstrings of mine through her book studies she has on her site. Proverbs 31 Ministries offers book studies and devotionals on their site. Lysa also has an amazing bible study called Finding I Am that fed my soul. Their website is http://www.proverbs31.org

Although there may be many more, these are the ones I gave my time to and they fed me over the years.


I would suggest devotionals alongside bible study. Please don’t replace it from reading your bible, but better yet, look at it as a side dish…a really yummy side dish…like super cheddary Mac n Cheese!

*As I mentioned above, Proverbs 31 Ministries offer daily devotionals. http://www.proverbs31.org

* Desiring God is legit. It’s real folks, and it’s real good. Theology at it’s finest. http://www.DesiringGod.org

* The Gospel Coalition will feed your mind with theology also.

* Daily Hope with Rick Warren was a daily listener back in 2013. I listened to his stuff to learn as a new believer and it helped so much in my growth.


*Guess what?! IF : Equip has an app. It is under IF:GATHERING in the app store and it is free!!

*aaaaaaand so does She Reads Truth!!

*I love my bible app. YouVersion bible app has been on my phone for years. It wasn’t until 2013-2014 I realized it had bible studies on there. I’ve done a many of them. And you can do them with friends on there too.

*Recently was introduced to the Logos bible app which goes into inductive bible studying. Haven’t played much with it but looking forward to using it soon.

*The Read Scripture app is insane. I love this. They lead you through each book of the bible with crazy amazing animation video that speaks to my brain!


I will be listing some of the bible studies I’ve done and really enjoyed with friends or by myself. So, I know there are many more out there and that I would love to try out and give you feedback on. So I will keep you posted on future studies. Here are some of my favorites.

Lysa TerKeurst’s Finding I AM

Raechel Myers Amanda Williams Open Your Bible

Jennie Faith Allen’s RESTLESS

Angie Smith’s SEAMLESS

Shaunti Feldhahn’s For Women Only

Courtney Joseph’s Ecclesiastes

Lisa-Jo Baker’s We Saved You a Seat

IF : Equip’s Enjoying Jesus

Pastor Rick Warren’s What On Earth Am I Here For

Precept Ministries International Marriage Without Regrets (hardcore homework)


Oh My…that will have to be another post.


I love bibles. I have a few…

* She Reads Truth Bible CSB (yummy)

*Holman Rainbow Study Bible NIV

*ESV Journaling Bible (with blank pages for journaling)

*NASB Study Bible with Strong’s Concordance in the back

*Holmans Study bible NKJV edition (with colored pages and commentary)

I want to mention that I have several translations for studying purposes. So you can’t have enough bibles… 😉

I’m sure there is much more and I will spare you from the information overload. I hope you find some of these helpful. I suggest you give them a try.

Love you guys!



Okay, today will come off either GENIUS or juvenile, but either one I’ll take. lol

I’m going to share some tips. Some will be for using the bible as your go to resource and others will be to help with reading your bible and understanding it.

Let’s start with:


I love washi tape. If you are not familiar with washi tape, it is tape you can put on paper and pull back off. It is decorative and you can find it at Hobby Lobby, Lifeway, Michaels, Walmart even has some.

Here is how I use washi tape…for REMEMBERING. There are several verses in the bible that tell us to remember His word. Plus, I need to remember His word when I’m going through a trial or even having a bad day. I put a key in front of my bible with washi samples. Each design/color represents a characteristic. As I find verses that relate to these characteristics that are personal for me, I tab the edge of the page and underline the verses related. When I deal with anxiety, instead of worrying my head off, I glance at the edge of my bible and look for the dotted washi tape for anxious verses and my smooth gold tape for His promises. Remembering that God is faithful to do what He says and that I must trust Him. You can even quote the verses in your head throughout the day. The enemy hates this because it makes him flee.


If you know me…I’m animated. When I was little, I remembering writing out comedic skits that I could possibly perform for someone one day. I never did..but I thought they were pretty stinkin’ funny.

ACT IT OUT brings empathy into the picture. Picture this, you are about to read John 5:5-15. About a paralyzed man who had no one to put him in the healing pool of water. Jesus approaches him. You act it out. You are the paralyzed man. Most great actors really get into the role of the character they are portraying. Really taking on how this person feels, their pain, isolation. Put yourself their shoes. Now, you see Jesus and He asks if you want to be healed. You can feel the desperation of the paralyzed man, who for years was lame. Watching others around him using their legs and possibly complaining over the littlest stuff. Now, put yourself in the shoes of the on looker. Say you saw Jesus talking to a lame man or a man with leprosy…back then, you didn’t touch those people. You would be disgusted to be near them. But then you play the part of Jesus, who talk to, listens, touches, heals, the forgotten, ignored. You have compassion for the lost and hurting. Woah…my heart right now is exploding…was this post for me today? Goodness!

We’ve lost empathy in this world today and taken up selfishness. Maybe we need to get back in our bibles and role play.


*Character Studies – studying a character. Finding them through out the bible and studying who they were and what God did through them. You may be surprised to find those who were “big wigs” had sin just like us.

*Topical – What topic do you want to further learn about. I love this when I need to confess a sin and remember what God tells us in the bible about how to respond. (ex. Love, Fruit of the Spirit, Contentment, Repentance)

*By Book – Read an entire book of the bible. Just read it through. This is awesome for context clues. Instead of pulling scripture out of context, read the entire book to see what your favorite scripture is really referring to.

*The entire Bible – I’m doing this now. And I’m taking my time. If it takes me 10 years, so be it. If I try and rush through it, my mind will not process what I’ve read. That’s where all these studying tips and methods have come from. I just finished Numbers…I’m really proud of that. I skipped to Isaiah and I will then go back to Deuteronomy. The laws were heavy, but I will push through.

*Chapter a Day – If you are reading through a book, do it by a chapter a day. Soak it in, read it several times, highlight it, cross reference it. This will feel like a sense of accomplishment finishing each chapter.

I hope any of these tips or tricks helps in your journey through studying God’s word.



What I’m about to say is going to sound like Greek….because it IS!! I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

I learned about studying words in the bible, based off the original language it was written in, in my first precept bible study in 2014. This bible study changed the way I looked at the bible. I learned that there were 2 different desires in the bible and several different styles of love. And to be able to find out which one was being used in the text changed the interpretations dramatically.

This study takes a lot of patience and searching. Making sure you are finding the right number and word. I have a concordance, which can be purchased at any Christian bookstore. I’m sure the library has a few too…I would assume. But, if you are a techie, there are a few apps and sites you can go to. One is Blue Letter Bible. You can type in the passage you are searching for and hit enter. It will take you to the chapter you are searching and will list each verse individually. You will then click on the reference (the book and number beside each verse) rather than the verse itself. It will then pull up a box with each word separately pulled apart. When you look to the right of the word you will see either a G with numbers beside it or an H with numbers beside it. You can click the number (this is the Strong’s number) and find it’s meaning here. If you really want to outdo yourself…you can listen to the word in its original language. I suggest this for teachers. Don’t get caught mumbling and sounding like a first grader sounding out big words like I did when I taught Sunday School. haha! I had a very forgiving group. They thought I was funny…at least that is what I have convinced myself to believe.

Some study bibles have a built in concordance in the back. Beside words in the text will be printed a small Strong’s number and you can look it up in the back. I love these types of bibles. I have an NASB study bible with this option. Eliminates having to have the giant Strong’s Concordance, but doesn’t offer as much information as the Strong’s.

Another option is the E-Sword app. It’s $0.99 and well worth it for a quick option on your phone.



Cross referencing is an ADHD Christian’s dream. If you notice in the picture the tiny scripture references in black, they are cross references. Cross references are passages that relate to the scripture you are reading. Chaining the bible together. If you are studying a difficult passage, using cross referencing will point you to similar passages to help elaborate.

The bible is better at interpreting scripture than any commentary can. Scripture speaks for itself.

You’ll notice in the picture, in the text there are lowercase blue letters next to scripture. To cross reference those verses you look for the letter in the middle and find the verses that relate. Some bibles have their cross referencing at the bottom of the page.

Cross referencing is a fun tool and you can find yourself soaking up scripture for hours when you use it to study. The way the bible links together proves it’s authenticity.

S.O.A.P. Method


I learned this from a blogger for Women Living Well, Courtney Joseph. She has wonderful studies. I love them because you actually read through the entire book of the bible rather than just skipping around. My favorite study by her is the Ecclesiastes study. You can find it on Amazon and I suggest you do. She is currently working on another in-depth study which I can’t wait to hear more about.

Courtney does the S.O.A.K method on her site. I changed the K to P for Prayer for my simple mind… 😉

S – Stands for SCRIPTURE. I usually write out the scripture that stands out to me in the chapter. Sometimes it is one sentence, sometimes it is several scriptures. I love this though, because writing is retaining.

O – Stands for OBSERVATION. What you observed through the reading and what does it tell us about God?

A – Stands for APPLICATION. How can we apply what we’ve learned to our daily lives?

P – Stands for PRAYER. Pray and ask for God’s guidance, wisdom, love, and strength to help you live out His word. Thank Him for what you’ve learned through the reading of His word.